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  • Hello! My name is Ece Bahar. I live in Mersin. I study at Bahcesehir College. I can play a guitar. My father is a English teacher and my mother is a Chemistry teacher. I have a sister. I know English and German. I love my teachers, friends, and schools.​

  • Hello! My name is Betül Zehra . I  am twelve years old. I live in Mersin. I am studying atAdnan Menderes Secondary School. I have  a brother . I know English and French. I love reading books , drawing , orieentring , playing table tennis , playing piano, playing chees ,playing mangala , writing stories, playing video games,. I like harry potter ,mlp and marvel movies. I love listening music.                                    ​

  • Hello my name is Ali Emin ÇELİK.I am a 6th grade student at Ted Mersin College.I have sister.I speak English and German.I like play tenis and read a book.I love my school,my friend and my teachers.​

  • Hello, my name is Martina. I'm 13 years old. I live in Kratovo. I have sister. My favouri​​​​​​​te lessons are English and PI. I like playing games outside and video games. I love folklor and dancing. I love cooking.

  • Hi I'm Simona Angelova. I'm 13 years old. I live in Kratovo. I go to the ,,Kotcho Racin" school and I'm 8th grade. I have a brother. My favorite lessons are PE and Art. In school I learn English and German. I go to folk dance. I like sports⚽🏐, dancing drawing and I do a little bit of gymnastics. I also love to play video   games🎮, roller skating, photography 📷 and cooking.

  • Hi,I am Denicija Atanasova and I am 12 years old.I am from Macedonia Kratovo and i have  older sister and  little brother.I like english and I  learn it.I am learning how to play on the guitar and I am an folklor dancer.i like roller  blading and cycling.I am handball player too.

  • Hello. My name is Berra Pınar Öztoprak. I'm 11 years old. I'm from Turkey. I'm Turkish. I'm living in Mersin. I have a brother. I'm study at Nesibe Aydın Schools. I'm learning English and German. I can play guitar and piano. My father is an assistant maneger and my mother is a physics teacher. My hobbies are sing a song and play games with my teachers and my friends.

  • Hello, my name is Ilina Chochevska. I live in Kratovo Macedonia. I am 12 years old. Im in the seventh grade. I have an older sister. My favourite classes in school are English, Biology and Art . I am also a folklor dancer. I love listening to music and I like going out with my friends. I also play basketball. I love to travel, make new friends and make memories along the way. I like photography too!

  • Hi! I'm Jovana Gjorgjievska and I'm 13 years old. I'm from Kratovo. I'm studying in ,,Koco Racin" and I'm 8th grade. I've got 2 brothers. I like English language and I'm folklor dancer

  • Hi!My name is Simona Milanovska and I'm 12 years old.I am from Kratovo.I am in the 7th garde.I have got older sister and younger sister.My favourite sport is handball and I like playing computer games.My favourite classes in school are English and Art.My hobbies are drawing and painting

  • Hello,my name is Irmak.I am going to Kuyuluk Secondary School.I am 12 years old.I live in Mersin.My favourite lessons are Science and English.I like reading book,listen to music and play basketball.

  • Hi! My name is Bade Arıklar.I am eleven years old.I am from Turkıye.I go to Kuyuluk Secondary School.I'm 6th grade.My favorite lessons are Math,English and Art.I like playing chess,draw a picture,drawing clothes design,swimming,reading a book,rollering a skate and dancing.My father is a director.My mother is a pharmacy person.My favorite colors are blue and yellow.I love making a new friends.I hate computer games.I love my family,teachers,friends and my school.

  • Hi!My name is Gülseren.I'm eleven years old.I'm from Turkey.I'm Turkish. I live in Mersin.I am 6th grade in Kuyuluk Secondary School.My favourite classes are English,Math , Art and Turkish.I have got sister.My father is a policeman,my mother is house wife.My hobbies are listening to music,reading a book,drawing picture and playing mangala with my sister.

  • Hello my name is Begüm 👧. I'm 12 years old. I live  in Mersin . I study at Kuyuluk secondary school 🎒. My father name is Gökhan 👨. My mother name is Ebru 👩.My sister name is Beren 👧. I love my family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 , teachers 👩‍🏫 , friends 👭 ,chool 🏫

  • Hi!My name is Egemen Reyhanlı.I'm eleven years old.I am from Turkey.I live in Mersin.I go to Kuyuluk Municipality Secondary School.I'm 6th grade.My favorite lessons are Math,English,Science and Turkish.My father is a service driver,my mother is accountant.I like computer games,listening to music,cycling,reading books,hang out with friends and to play football.

  • Hi, im Elena Nikolova. I am from North Macedonia, from Kratovo. Im very glad to be a part of this wonderful project. I am 12 years old and i have a younger sister who is two years younger than me, her name is Andrea. I love making new friends and getting to know other cultures. I love to sing, dance, draw and act. Sometimes my sister and i do a concert in our room and imagine singing in front of millions. I am also very attached to nature and its beauties so my favorite color  is green. I also love to design clothes, i love and enjoy drawing clothing designs. One of my biggest desires is to write a book, because i love to write. I hope that one day all this will pass and we will all have fun again. Until then, stay healthy, cheerful and full of positive energy!

  • Hi,my name is Yasmin.I am eleven years old.I am from Turkey.I live in Mersin.I am going to 6th grade in Kuyuluk Secondary school.My father is an energy consultant, my mother is a cosmetologist and my sister is studying design at university. My favorite lessosns are Math,English,Science,Social and Art.I like playing voleybol,draw a picture,listening to music,reading a book,swimming and play games with my friends.

  • Hi,my name is Elif Kaşif.I am eleven years old.I am from Turkey.I go to Kuyuluk Secondary School.I'm 6th grade.My favorite lessons are Math and English.I like playing chess,reading a book and swimming.My favourite colors are blue and black.I love my family,teachers,friends and my school.

  • Hi,I'm Daria Bosoi.I'm from Romania, I'm 13 yo, and I'm so lucky to be a part of this wonderful project!I love english, and my english teacher, who's the best teacher from the world!I don't have a brother or a sister.I'm a simple girl with big dreams. Hope we all will be friends and I will make my teacher proud because she select me for this project!​

  • Hi,my name is Alessia Aliu.I am 13 years old.i am from Romania.My favorite lesson are English and Math.I like to make new friends.

  • Hi !I'm Hîta Madalina Alexandra .I am 11 years old.I am from Romania .like English and French.I like tennis,basketball and handball .When I grow up.I want to be an actress .I want to live in France ...I have brown eyes and brown hair .I would  like to meet children .and make new friends🎭🎭🎨

  • Hi,my name is Alex Belu. I am 14 years old. I am from Romania. My favorite sport is football.

  • Hi,my name is Georgiana Valentina.I am 13 years old.I am from Romania.My favorite lessons are English and Geography.I love outdoor activities.My favorite colors are orange and pink.


  • Hello! My name is Cătălina Manea, I am thirteen years old and I am from Romania ✨. I'm funny and pretty 🍫. I really like to take photos 📸, to make up, to cook but also to dance 💃. Even though I'm a girl, I really like cars 🚗 and I like to play football ⚽. My favorite subject is English 💫. Many teachers have told me that I am a very good actress 🎭

  • Hello,my name is Kaan Mert.I am twelve years old.I from Turkey.I am Turkish.I study at Yenişehir Proje ImamHatip Secondary School.I know English and Arabic.I have a sister.I like playing basketball.I think that's enough for now :)

  • Hello,i'm Taha Kaçar . I am 12 years old . I am from Turkey.I live in Mersin. I am going 6th grade.My mother is housewife and my father is branch manager . 

  • Hello!My name is Neslinaz and surname is Serpin.I am 12 years old. I'm from Turkey and I am Turkish.I live in Mersin.I am study at Mersin Nesibe Aydın Middle Schools.I am 6th grade. I learning English and German. My favorite lessons is English,German,Turkish and Math.I love my family.I love animals.I love friends.My hobbies drawing pictures,reading book and cycling.

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